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What is the LifeStitches Project?

Life Stitches Mission

Mission Statement

Through economic empowerment, we wish to enhance the individual and collective capacity of HIV-positive women in the West Nile region of northern Uganda who belong to the the Ministry of Health – Prevention Mother To Child Transmission (PMTCT) medical programs to prevent vertical transmission of the AIDS virus from mother to infant.

Our objective is to empower women with income-generating skills, thus improving quality of life while decreasing burdens of AIDS-related stigma and barriers to full participation in PMTCT programs.

*(Prevention Mother To Child Transmission - a medical program to decrease vertical transmission of the AIDS virus from an HIV postive mother to her infant)

Vision Statement

Within the next five years, through continued partnership with the Ugandan Ministry of Health and PMTCT programs, we wish to maximize capacity of the LifeStitches flagship program in Arua and extend its economic empowerment model to all PMTCT rural-level programs of the West Nile region of Uganda.

LifeStitches Project Participation Eligibility

Any HIV-positive woman who currently or in the past has participated in the Uganda West Nile region Ministry of Health PMTCT medical programs may join the LifeStitches Project workshops. There can be no discrimination due to children living or dead, marital status, ARV therapy status or location of residence.

Contact: Katherine Gnauck MD